Organize with Canvas

Group your data into user-defined canvases that help keep work and content organized as your project progresses.

Use Familiar Layouts

Shape and structure content the way you work, using layouts you’re comfortable with.

Speed Work with Clipboard

Quickly copy and paste content across workspaces and projects.

Improved Portal

Creating and accessing Bluescape workspaces to launch workstream collaboration sessions has never been more speedy, intuitive, or convenient.

Workspace Search

Now it’s easier to find content within Bluescape. Quickly search for text appearing in the workspace — including file names and typed annotations.

Managed Private Cloud

Bluescape is now available in a private cloud option, to accommodate specific security, data confidentiality, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Move Canvas

Quickly nest and organize groups of content — Canvases — within a workspace. Instead of moving content pieces, use this visually-transparent file folder feature to speed relocation.

3 Ways Workstream Collaboration Helps Filmmakers

Your storyboards, creatives, and scripts live in Bluescape’s persistent, intuitive environment. Easily add comments and edit content from a number of sources.