Collaboration That Fits You. Not the Other Way Around.

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Situational Awareness

Decision-making in high-pressure, time-critical situations is tough. When stakes are high, it’s tougher.

Urgent, complex decisions about fluid situations that involve remote, internal, and external teams require up-to-the-minute data from a multitude of sources.

The right content has to be available at the right time to make critical calls, quickly.

Bluescape workstream collaboration provides advanced tools to power immediate collaboration—and the ability to search archived content and activity. Team members can digest data and communicate more transparently for intelligent decisions and actions.

Review and Approval of Workflow

Tear down silos and increase collaborative flows across teams to achieve quality outcomes.

Digital Awareness

Identify and curate content to build ongoing understanding of a situation as it unfolds.

Crisis Management

Build a real-time understanding of facts. Coordinate team-member actions with integrated tools and communications.

Protection of Network and Security Operations

Establish a live, multi-sourced command center to monitor your network and manage terabytes of data.

911 Call: Help the World Better Manage Disasters

Bluescape CEO Peter Jackson proves situational response can drastically improve when we manage information efficiently.