Bluescape Collaboration Resources

Learn more about Bluescape and how workstream collaboration is changing the way people work, create, and communicate.


What is Bluescape?


Bluescape Connects Teams to Create Better



What is Bluescape? (in 60 Seconds)


What is Bluescape? (in 30 Seconds)


Bluescape for Lightning-Fast Content & Design Review



Using Bluescape in Brewery Supply Chain



Innovative Ways to Using Collaborative Workspaces



Giving Students New Ways to Learn and Present More Effectively



Bluescape and Intel Unite: Working Together With An Open Approach



Bluescape and Intel Unite: Meetings With A Higher Touch



How to Set up a Bluescape Wall



How to Easily Organize a Bluescape Workspace



Part 1: Bluescape Partner Interview - Dell at Adobe MAX



Part 2: Bluescape Partner Interview - Dell at Adobe MAX



Bluescape Partner Interview - Wacom at Adobe MAX



Bluescape at Adobe MAX | Secure Virtual Workspaces



Envisioning the Workplace of the Future



Bluescape Customer Summit: Future of Work, Part I



Bluescape Customer Summit: Future of Work, Part II



Bluescape Customer Summit: Future of Work, Part III


Bluescape Features and Tips


Upload Content & Start Meetings in Bluescape


Organize Content with Canvas, Layout, and Clipboard


Using Text, Attach, and User Permissions

Video Case Studies and Testimonials


PMC Speeds Up Design to Production Process


BOS Speeds Client Projects to Completion


PMC Develops More Creative Work Environments


PMC Streamlines Customer Engagement & Project Management


GVSU Leverages Bluescape for Better Engagement in the Classroom


PMC Creates Work Environments to Advance Collaboration


Madefire Turns Collaboration Inside Out


Wonder Buffalo Creates Unique Movie Experience


Unreasonable Goals Group Tackles Global Problems


Strengthen Customer Experiences



Leverage Collaborative Tech in Work Trends



Achieve Furniture Industry Innovation



Delight Clients with New Ways to Collaborate


Innovate Interiors & Transform Work Processes


Define New Ways to Work and Collaborate


Innovate Film Collaboration, Production, Distribution



Give Everyone a Voice in Filmmaking



Use animation methods for live-action storyboards



Speed up Design & Distribution Processes



Share Content Revisions Across Studio Teams



Supercharge Storytelling with VR



Transcend Work Boundaries



Speed Projects to Completion



Innovate Their Work Culture


Bring the Office to Millennials



BOS Innovates Their Work Culture with Bluescape


Drive Better Client Engagement


Use Cases


Bluescape for Visualization Development


Bluescape for Story Development


Bluescape for Filmmaking Development


Bluescape for Competitive Analysis


Bluescape for Design & Content Review


Bluescape for Customer Engagement


Bluescape for Product Development


Bluescape for Brand Management


Bluescape for Situational Awareness


Bluescape for Campaign Management

Bluescape Plugins for Adobe CC

Adobe® XD® CC + Bluescape


Innovate the UX/UI Design Cycle with Inspiration & Speed


Bluescape Plugin for Adobe XD: Design Workflow Demo


Demo: Bluescape Plugin for Adobe Photoshop


Demo: Bluescape Plugin for Adobe XD

Case Studies

Learn how Bluescape helps you grow customer engagement, get to better decisions faster, and accelerate revenues.

Digital Savvy Students Embrace New Ways to Learn and Collaborate Together

Grand Valley State University uses Bluescape to enhance communication.

Concept Arts Creates Entertainment Magic on the Big Screens

The end game with Bluescape? Deeper client relationships.

Creating the Suspense of "The Blacklist" in the Digital Writers' Room

Writing for TV is a highly collaborative process that requires real-time teamwork.

PMC Innovates New Ways to Create and Design

Commercial design company uses Bluescape innovative technology to wow clients.

BOS Designs Modern Workspaces with Bluescape

Furniture retailer leverages Bluescape to innovate within their industry.

Price Modern's ‘Design in Real Time’

Furniture design firm cuts project time by 25%, but all clients see is “wow.”

CohnReznick creates ‘Agile Consulting Model’

Accounting and tax firm inspires clients, accelerates performance 3-fold with Bluescape.

EAW disrupts traditional client engagement methods

Office design consultant delivers better results, accelerates creative process using Bluescape.

Industrial design consultancy speeds innovation

Streamlined design, prototyping, and approval processes make this firm win.

Development studio Substantial uses Bluescape for agile design

The best digital solutions arise when people of different backgrounds come together.

JC White creates office spaces where people want to work

WIth Bluescape, this office interiors firm creates environments that are hard to leave.

BTS Consulting disrupts the training and coaching industry

Michigan consultancy brings training programs alive through visual collaboration.

Bluescape expands BIM Principals to AEC

Integrated project delivery is critical for quick, confident design/build decisions.

User Guides

Read what leading analysts have to say about team transformation, agility renewal, and team coordination through visual collaboration.

Quick Start Guide Bluescape Web Client & Portal

Get helpful tips, learn about key Bluescape features and shortcuts!

10 Ways to Get Creative in BluescapeNow

Review designs, whiteboard, collaborate on projects, and more.

How to Save Time on Design Review with the Bluescape Plugin for Adobe XD

Cut down on design review cycles with the Bluescape Plugin for Adobe XD.

White Papers

Longer looks at how visual workplace collaboration adds value, lifts profit potential.

Customer engagement that drives revenue


How financial services firms compete on customer experience


Executive Summit: Future of Work


Very informative guides to moving your collaborative process from mundane to maximum.

How to Attract Clients, Boost Revenues, and Win the Day for Your Consulting Firm

Three ways visual collaboration helps marketing and design teams


Three ways visual collaboration helps financial companies


Three ways visual collaboration helps filmmakers


How to land clients, exceed their expectations, and establish your agency as a creative powerhouse

Cut down on design review cycles with the Bluescape Plugin for Adobe XD.


Get fast reads on how visual collaboration helps key industries rethink what’s possible.

Top challenges facing filmmakers right now

Helping the filmmaking process evolve through new, visual thought.

Five Smart Moves for Financial Services Companies

Learn about a better way to engage clients and teams

How Marketing and Design Can Evolve

Find out how marketers and creatives are overcoming barriers to collaboration. Here’s what we uncovered.

A Formula for Scientific Breakthroughs

Read our study on how collaboration helps bring discoveries to light.

One Pagers

Succinct overviews of workstream collaboration as a business approach, its use cases, and its tactical applications.

Bluescape General Overview

A brief overview of how Bluescape brings collaboration alive.

Client Engagement

Bluescape turns client engagement into client success.

Bluescape for Education

Create new ideas and better ways for teachers and students to collaborate.

ESRI ArcGIS and Bluescape

Tools for mapping and spatial reasoning. Explore data and reach location-based insights.

Private Cloud Deployments

An overview of Bluescape private cloud deployment.

Analyst Reports

Read what leading analysts have to say about team transformation, agility renewal, and team coordination through visual collaboration.

Aberdeen Checklist

Maximize the benefits of collaboration in the brave new workplace.

451 Report

Workstream collaboration gains traction in specialized industries.

Wainhouse Research Report

Implementing a New Digital Collaboration Mindset and Workplace