Media & Entertainment

Develop characters that fit a film’s storyline. Easily conduct reviews and edit on-the-fly with a producer and director. Refine scene sequences with geographically dispersed teams. Iterate marketing campaigns without having to print and store poster boards. Shift entire creative paradigms. Redefine entertainment. All in a persistent, conversational, and content-based digital workplace.

Major movie studios use Bluescape for: Artificial Intelligence, Product Development, Digital Supply Chains, Campaign Management, and Brand Management

Federal Government

Gain real-time insight into an emerging situation or threat. Combine real-time content into one collaborative experience that diverse team members need, to gain situational awareness. Understand, coordinate, and motivate teams to address natural- and man-made disasters. Define processes, workflows, and approval systems in a new persistent environment built for rapid assessment and time-critical decision-making.

Federal government agencies use Bluescape for: Artificial Intelligence, Program Management and Situational Awareness.

Outdoor Recreation & Apparel Brands

Design products that meet evolving customer needs. Keep distribution, marketing, and retailers aligned across plans and materials. Speed go-to-market. Rev products faster. Create efficient retail planning and merchandising design. Keep a persistent record of how products and campaigns are executed, so that everyone is on the same page. Transparently.

Outdoor recreation & apparel brands use Bluescape for: Artificial Intelligence, Product Development, Supply Chain Collaboration, Program & Campaign Management, and Brand Management.


Power your next product or breakthrough with workstream collaboration. Visualize problems in innovative new ways. Continuously enhance work with new insights and evolve your teams’ thinking — regardless of their location or who they work for — through a historical context. Visually scale your research and analysis.  Co-create new solutions with customers and partners and test new UXs, faster.

Technology brands use Bluescape for: Artificial Intelligence, Customer Engagement, Product Development, Supply Chain Coordination, Program/Campaign Management, Brand Management, and Situational Awareness.

Financial Services

Design rich new products that offer a superior customer experience. Anticipate market needs, and iterate customer programs that are market-first. Strategize how to score clients online and through mobile. Workstream collaboration. Bank on it.

Financial services brands use Bluescape for: Artificial Intelligence, Product Development, and Program/Campaign Management.

Architecture & Industrial Design

Develop a holistic, visual approach to project deliverables, produced across the country or around the world. Eliminate work redundancies. Embrace change through smoother iteration. Design products more quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Architecture and design firms use Bluescape for: Artificial Intelligence, Customer Engagement, Product Development, and Program Management.

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