Harness the Power of Many

Meet, share, and work anywhere with Bluescape’s team collaboration software.








Inspire Ideas.

Bluescape’s workspace is an intuitive environment for teams to share concepts, content, and processes. Content that’s laborious to browse through with conventional collaboration solutions–preview or open one file at a time while struggling to make all the windows fit on your screen–is now visible in a living context. Bring all of it–images, sketches, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, web media, and more–into one virtual workspace. Visually organize content any way you want to meet the needs of the project and team. Work together or independently in the same workspace at the same time.

Share Ideas

Bluescape engages teams in the creative process from the moment an idea is sparked.

Share Content

Share your screen, documents, and ideas for smooth collaboration.

Share the Workspace

Share your workspace with an unlimited number of collaborators.


See the Big Picture.

Accelerate ideation and decision making with Bluescape’s powerful and easy-to-use collaboration tools. Sketch, annotate, edit, and review all within Bluescape. Integrated voice and video extends the in-room collaboration experience to remote participants wherever they are. Everyone has the power to actively participate at any time and in any context or phase of work for greater engagement and breakthrough thinking.

Sketch on the Workspace

Sketch directly on the workspace to illustrate ideas or show relationships between content.

Annotate on Content

Annotate on any content element as you revise and refine.

Discuss Via Live Voice and Video

Use built-in video conferencing to connect global teams.


Dig In.

Bluescape adapts and responds to the way you work, rather than the other way ‘round. Use the tools you already know and love like Office 365 or Google Docs to create content inside the Bluescape environment. Write and send notes to fellow team members and capture comments that can be attached to any content element. Everything is stored persistently in the cloud for access at any time.

Create documents with apps

Import media, documents, designs and more into your workspace for everyone to access and edit.

Post notes from locations

Send messages from any workspace location to connect team members to the action.

Capture comments on content

Embedded comments let you provide direction and track actions for any content element.


Beyond the Desktop.

Access your Bluescape workspace from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Connect using a browser from your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. You can also access the workspace via browser on web-enabled displays like the Microsoft Surface Hub. For the ultimate collaboration experience use Bluescape on an interactive multi-touch display.

Connect Via browsers on PCs and mobile devices

Access workspaces on computers and tablets to manage projects from anywhere at any time.

Connect Via Browser on Web-enabled Displays

Web-enabled displays bring Bluescape to the big screen.

Use on an interactive multi-touch display

Interactive video walls deliver the ultimate collaboration experience.


Better Presentations.

Bluescape’s built-in presentation capabilities deliver powerful presentations regardless of whether the audience is in the same room or scattered around the globe. The easy-to-use guest mode allows you to effortlessly include external participants. Save substantial time and energy when preparing a presentation by leveraging all the content assets available in the workspace.


Present content

Share your screen with team members for engaging presentations.

Auto follow leader

Auto follow keeps everyone on the same page while navigating the workspace.

Invite guests

Inviting outside collaborators is easy with Bluescape's guest mode.

Bluescape Demo

See it in action

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