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Bluescape has been a leader in innovative visual collaboration software since 2012. We offer a platform that creates a centralized place to meet, share, and develop ideas all from the comfort of your own workspace. Become a Bluescaper, we’d love to have you.


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Why Bluescape

Beautiful Workspace

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Bluescape has an open-air environment and provides a comfortable yet modern workspace. We offer large meeting rooms, each equipped with high-resolution, multi-touch displays to share and present ideas during meetings. Did we also mention we have a room just for ping pong and an area for video games?

Close-Knit Teams

We pride ourselves on our close-knit work environment. It’s one of the top reasons why Bluescape employees love working here. Not only will your teammates go the extra-mile for you, but they also make you feel valued and appreciated for your hard work. Whether it’s a high-five, company-wide shout out, or a pat on the back, our teams aren’t afraid to show appreciation.

Develop a Leading-Edge Product

It’s an exciting time to be at Bluescape and be part of the development of such an innovative, leading-edge product. We are passionate about building a product that brings people together to create better films, campaigns, products, plans, customer interactions, or whatever outcome our customers are working toward. At Bluescape, you can be a part of something that is changing the future of collaboration.


Life at Bluescape

At Bluescape, we love people who love working with other people! In fact, we love connecting with our fellow Bluescapers so much, we even have a workspace for that. It’s simply in our blood to collaborate with those around us.


Employee Spotlight Quotes

“There is a strong emphasis on maintaining a team culture. It tends to come more naturally when working for a collaboration technology company.”

Denzel Nicholas

Sales Development Representative

“The problems we try to solve at Bluescape are extremely compelling. Everyday there's always some new and exciting challenge to tackle. It's so satisfying to be able to work with such smart and great people to create an enterprise solution that's trailblazing the visual collaboration space.”

Kelby Hertanu

UX/UI Designer

“A good product always starts with good people. Everyday is different at Bluescape that there’s always something new to be learned. If there’s something you want to learn more about, there will be someone willing to teach you. Collaboration is simply the way of life for all of us here at Bluescape.”

Faustine Hom

Marketing Specialist


Our Perks

Perks on Perks on Perks. At Bluescape, we love our employees, and they love us…we’d like to keep it that way. We know how hard our Bluescapers work, so we like to show them some gratitude. As the saying goes, we work hard, but also play hard as a team!

Competitive Salary

There’s more to a job than the work you put in, so we feel that our employees should get back what they deserve. We attract the cream of the crop by offering competitive salaries.

Work-Life Balance

We offer a generous amount of PTO, so you can take time off as you need. Learn to scuba dive in Hawaii, explore the Himalayas, or spend a personal day at the spa, so when you come back to work, you are rejuvenated and fresh with new ideas!

Healthy Environment

Our company encourages a healthy environment by offering a variety of healthy snacks and hosting bike riding days, cross-fit competitions, and basketball games on Fridays. All employees have the option of a standing work desk as well! Stay active and healthy as you work with us, you don’t have to look too hard to find a work out buddy at Bluescape.

Happy Hour

Join us every Friday for happy hour! We love to unwind after a long week with our teammates. Crack open a cold beer or soda and enjoy the company of your fellow Bluescapers.

Company Outings

We love getting together with all our Bluescapers at least once a quarter. Company outings are the perfect way to get to know one another outside the office and have a good time doing so!

Great Benefits

Bluescape offers competitive benefits such as a 401k, education reimbursement, comprehensive health care packages, and paid holidays just to name a few. We value our hard-working employees and think that they deserve the best.